Connect:amp with Klipsch F2 Speakers

  • 15 April 2017
  • 2 replies

I'm considering my first foray with Sonos products and currently am running a basic setup of Yamaha receiver with iPod dock and pair of Klipsch F2 floor standing speakers. I bought this setup new about 10 years ago but still do enjoy it. The room with the system is our living area with a large vault and the Klipsch speakers do a great job of filing the space even at a low volume. I was thinking of switching to a Sonos Connect option for ease of use as we are mostly only streaming or playing music off our iphone libraries at this point. My questions are as follows:

1) Is there any reason to keep the Yahama receiver and use Connect? Or should I just get a Connect:Amp?
2) Will a Connect:Amp run well and properly power the Klipsch speakers?
3) Any other suggestions as related to this setup?

We are not audiophiles but enjoy having music on daily. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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2 replies

If the Yamaha is working fine, and if you have access to repair/service if it fails anytime in the near future, the simplest way to go is to add a Connect. And I doubt that many audiophiles have as much joy from music as you seem to be doing, which counts for more in the larger scheme of things.
You may also consider connectivity important. For example, my receiver driving floorstanders also handles the connectivity for a number of AV devices, something that the Sonos Connect:AMP just isn't designed for. In my case, a ZP90 (older version of the Connect) works fine.

My receiver also has a calibration mechanism similar to Trueplay(?), which makes a difference to the sound. I don't recall being offered a Trueplay option for my ZP90. I could be wrong - I only had brief access to an iDevice.