Connect AMP + 2 Channel Speakers + TV?

  • 4 September 2018
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I have a new Samsung TV, a pair of Klipsch RP280F Speakers and a new Sonos Connect Amp. I didn't do enough research and assumed multiple inputs that would work on the amp for 2 sources. Source 1: Sonos wifi, Source 2: TV. I like to watch concerts on the TV. Is this not the correct AMP for the speakers and TV combo?

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8 replies

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The Sonos networked music doesn't use the RCA input jacks on the Connect Amp so they are available for your TV, they aren't designed for that like the Play Base/Bar or Beam but should get you sound even if not in perfect sync with the screen.
Following on from what Stanley_4 says ... if you do select the TV audio-out to go to the line-in on the Connect:Amp, I would also recommend you go into the Advanced Settings of the Sonos App and switch the audio compression to uncompressed for the line-in source. In a good SonosNet network situation changing that setting can get the delay down to around 30ms and with the TV speakers off that can be completely acceptable for TV lip-sync purposes.

Some TV's (LG for example) may also have lip-sync features in their settings that can delay the audio-out from the TV speakers and bring the speakers into line with the Amp output. I have a Sony Home Theatre that does this for my Sony TV. The 30ms delay works well but occasionally I have to increase it to 70ms when playing some HD channels.

Alternatively you could add a Beam/PlayBase/PlayBar to your setup and then use that with the TV and use the Amp and speakers as it’s rear surrounds. If you set the rear speakers to 'Full' Audio output for music purposes in the Sonos Room Settings, I think you would be pleased with the overall 5.0 sound output it provides. You can of course later add a Sonos sub to that system too for 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.
Thanks for your tips. There indeed is a feature on Samsungs to delay the TV sound... have others typically had this be a one time adjustment or will I be constantly trying to get it dialed in for different viewing situations?

I have noticed the TV does not have two RCA jacks, only an optical digital audio out. Should I just get a y cable for that? I won't ever do surround sound in this room... but I want to keep the hi-fi of the speakers vs. the playbar/sub combo (I have that in another room and it functionally works great, but I want a nicer sound here for music and concerts).
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It looks like you can get optical -> RCA cables/converters pretty cheap, however, if you can wait till Feb 2019 (or work through a dealer in November), I think the new Sonos Amp is going to be a much better option for you. It has significantly more power and has optical and hdmi-arc inputs. Those connections should give you improved dolby digital sound when possible. Even, if you don't add a sub or sourrunds, you'd still get dolby sound and a simulated center channel.
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In all honesty here - if the TV aspect is important to you I would actually return it and buy the new version the Sonos Amp that has HDMI arc audio. I wouldn't buy a Connect:Amp today with the replacement already announced that has a bunch of upgrades.

It is supposed to be available in October from local dealers (other outlets in 2019)
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Actually Chris, I think we're both wrong. I double checked the release date for installers and it's actually Dec 1. Feb for retail, at least direct from Sonos.
Yea I thought so... ok thank you everyone.
I'll see if I can get a cheap used receiver temporarily