Confused on what we need for set-up

  • 23 December 2017
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We have 2 interior rooms and one exterior room hardwired for speakers. I was told Sonos Connect will only handle 4 speakers. What all do I need to purchase that will control 3 sets of ceiling speakers and a soundbar?

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8 replies

To connect WIRED speakers, you need a Sonos Connect AMP. It will allow you to attach the hardwired speakers and you can also attach to it an external audio component such as a CD player through the LINE IN on the app. Sonos Connect AMP can only handle 1 pair of wired speakers. Once you set it up with your Sonos app (it takes seconds) you can then stream music to your wired speakers. But it sounds like all your speakers are wired, so Sonos isn't really for you unless you want to cut the wires and go completely wireless which is the point of having Sonos. That's what I did and never looked back.
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3 connect:amps if you want each set to play different music. If you are ok with them all playing the same thing, always, then one Connect (not Amp) and plug that into an amplifier that can power all three pairs of your speakers.
Sorry to hijack this thread as my first post, but I cannot find anything closer.
Anyway, I have Echo/Alexa, Sonos Play:1 and Play:3 working just fine when controlled from the main Echo unit.
My question is: Can I control Alexa from any speaker? Or do I need to place an Echo Dot next to each speaker so that I can e.g. change stations in a room away from the main Echo unit?
Thank you for any info on this and again sorry for the hijaak.
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mrvedit - probably should create a new thread as your question doesn't apply here but...

Any echo/alexa in your house can control any Sonos speaker. Just say what you want and to play on what room (the sonos speaker name). Like Alexa play Christmas Music on Kitchen. Or Alexa play Christmas Music on Bedroom. Any alexa will control any sonos speaker just say the Sonos speaker name.
Thank you for the quick reply Chris, but me let re-word my question. I have just one Echo in e.g. the kitchen; I have a Play:3 in e.g. the distant family room and I am in the family room. I want to change stations - can I talk to the Play:3 and say "Alexa play rock station" or do I need an echo dot in the family room to accept my command? Thanks.

Sorry again - I see the "Create Topic" button now, but assumed I couldn't start a new thread as a first post, as it common in other forums.
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You can't talk to your Play:3 it has no microphones in it... .you have to talk to the Dot.
Thank you; I ordered a Dot for each speaker.
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I primarily have dots around house so that they are in normal shouting distance from about anywhere.

I also use them as intercoms so they are in each bedroom and in each primary room.

I call each of them Room Name like ... Room Kitchen.... Room Dining Room etc.

Then if I have Sonos speaker in same room I just call the Sonos speaker by the room ... ie Kitchen Dining Room etc.

That keeps them both from having the same name. And when using intercom I just say "Alexa drop in on Room Kitchen". It just all flows well.