Compatibility with Samsung 4K TV

  • 25 December 2016
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I'm proposing to buy a Player, sub & 2 Play 1 speakers and need to know whether the system would be compatible with my Samsung UE75KS8000. You list the 55KS800 TV as compatible but the 75" is not mentioned when you deal with the bigger sizes. Also, are there any issues with the Samsung 4K Blue Ray player?

Nigel Cohen

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4 replies

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The fact that it's a 2016 (K) SUHD (S) 8-series (8000) TV means it should work just fine. The TVs themselves are identical, aside from the different sizes. There are slight differences in the One Connect box (since the UE version supports the various DVB broadcasts instead of ATSC like the UN version for the US), but otherwise they should function the same.

There are some settings that will need to be adjusted to make the TV work best with the Playbar as a surround system, but it's very possible to make the two work together. The Blu-Ray player will also probably need settings adjusted to make sure that it's sending out Dolby Digital audio (since the Playbar doesn't support DTS, and in the ideal settings if the TV receives DTS it would convert it to stereo).

But it should be very possible to make all of these items work together!
Thanks. On another point do you think that the Sonos is the one to gp for or the new Bose or the latest Samsung950 with Atmos?
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I have no knowledge of the other systems you mention so I can't really comment.
as I read Sonos doesn't support DTS or Atmos. I just recently, removed my Atmos systems (Living room) for a cleaner look with Sonos. The theater room (Man cave) will remain supporting DTS and ATMOS (traditional wired connected speakers).