compatibility with Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar

  • 15 April 2017
  • 6 replies

Hi, we have a Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar and want to know if the Sonos Range are compatible with it? Thanks

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6 replies

Well, you could take an analog or optical connection from a Sonos CONNECT and use the soundbar as a simple powered speaker. That's it.

Of course if you added more Sonos players to the system you could then play them in sync, multi-room.
thanks. I am new to Sonos and am looking to buy this weekend.

So, I was thinking about 1 x Sonus 5 for the kitchen, and 1 x Sonus 5 for Lounge where the Q Acoustics soundbar is. Would I have to but the Sonus CONNECT as well or should I buy the Sonos Connect for the lounge instead of the Sonos 5?

appreciate your advice
Sounds good. A CONNECT is for driving existing amplified speakers, so if you wanted you could 'slave' your Q Acoustics soundbar to it.

A PLAY:5 in the lounge would be in a sense equivalent, but could sound quite different (i.e. better). What's more a PLAY:5 could be tuned with Trueplay -- for which you'd need an iOS device -- to compensate for its placement and the room acoustics. (CONNECT can't be Trueplay-tuned.) Later on you could add another PLAY:5 and make a stereo pair.

So basically it's a choice of either the CONNECT or the PLAY:5 to bring Sonos to the lounge. Do you want to accommodate two speakers -- the PLAY:5 and the Q Acoustics bar?
Thanks again.

Yes, so, the perfect scenario would be to utilise the existing Q Acoutsic soundbar which is good (not as good as Sonos I guess) and the new Sonos PLAY 5 together in the lounge for music and TV as one system

I note that there may be a slight lag in the sound of both this really noticeable
There should be no lack of sync when playing music sources, unless the Q Acoustics bar does soundfield processing that adds significant delay, which I doubt. It gets slightly more complicated if you wanted to send TV sound to the kitchen.

A CONNECT is not cheap, though Sonos offer generous trial/refund terms if purchased directly. To decide whether to go for a CONNECT or PLAY:5 in the lounge you always could just buy one PLAY:5 to start with. Try it in the kitchen, try it in the lounge.
now that sounds like a plan.

Really appreciate your advice