combine sonos 1 and sonos 2? And how to connect bluetooth headphones to either?

  • 19 November 2021
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I have two play 1 and one play 5 - all gen 1, and a bridge (gen 1).  I see no need to combine them with a sonos 2 on the same system, but I’d like to connect sonos to bluetooth headphones as a gift. I don’t think there is a way to do that with sonos gen 1. So buy a sonos 2, and use it in the same house, for this purpose? 

I know I could use a music streaming service right off the phone for this person, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to run down his phone. thanks - 

7 replies

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You cannot connect Bluetooth headphones, or any headphones, directly to any Sonos speaker on an S1 or S2 system. You are better off connecting the Bluetooth headphones to your phone or computer over Bluetooth like what most people do.

Although there are rumors that Sonos might release its own headphones one day that will probably work with Sonos speakers…

thanks. I’d read that you could with the Sonos connect (gen 1?) but looks like there isn’t a gen 2 of that component. 

So, in other words, there is no way to listen to Sonos over wireless bluetooth headphones at this point. 


The equivalent of the Connect is the Port. You could attach a Bluetooth transmitter to the output of a Port.  Why you would do so as a standalone Sonos device I cannot fathom.

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You would have to use some sort of Bluetooth transmitter with the Connect. Also, a Connect (Gen 2) can be used on an S2 system. FYI… the model that replaced the Connect is the Sonos Port.

thanks. All of this is helpful. 

The headphones are so that some of us can work while this person enjoys the stereo. He likes the offerings over sonos which aren’t always available via other services.

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The only music service that isn’t available outside of the Sonos app is Sonos Radio. Everything else can be accessed outside of Sonos from other apps.

I agree with @GuitarSuperstar . Sonos is completely unnecessary for what you want to achieve and would be a waste of money.