Coffee shop set up

  • 2 August 2022
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Hi, I need help to set up the Sonos speakers in my coffee shop. It looks like box, 560 sq, but 24ft high. 

What do you recommend I was thinking maybe 4 ONE and one woofer ?

3 replies

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Have you considered a Sonos Amp and either 4 or six of the Architectural speakers?

A Sub would likely be unnecessary for your shop.




As the speakers would be wired to the Amp and you could connect the Amp to power and Ethernet a lot of wireless issues that have been problems for other shop owners would be bypassed.

The speakers should be spaced at about 10 feet from each other. I’d place the speakers above the listeners at the 8 to 10 foot level. Consider using some pendant speakers.

In my opinion this not a job for SONOS. You’ll have better results with some pro equipment and there should be a sound processor included. If you want to use SONOS, and the pendant speakers, you could drive them with some AMP’s or a PORT and 3rd party amplifiers. Is there any need for music in the restrooms?

Thank you for your reply. Im attaching a link for the video of the space. I will leave ceiling like this.

I was thinking to go with BOSE, but i really like Sonos sound and design. I would like to put one speaker in the restroom as well. But in


Thank you one more time