Can Sonos Work with This

  • 31 May 2023
  • 1 reply

Hello all


I moved into a house that has speakers in the ceiling in most of the rooms (about 7 rooms?) - there is a CD player and DAB hooked up but I can’t see an amp. The below is what’s there.

If I replaced the CD or DAB with a Sonos Port, would that work?

I understand that each room can’t be isolated with one product but I should be able to say set all downstairs speakers to the Port input.

Any help appreciated.

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1 reply

The output of a Port would be exactly the same as an output from a CD player or DAB, so those should work.

The first picture sure looks like a back panel to some sort of amplifier. But I’m not sure.

The second picture might be just a switch? Or maybe some sort of RCA to CAT-5 device, that uses the CAT-5 to carry the signal digitally to each speaker, where there would be a corresponding device to switch the signal back to analog? Have you looked at that website for more information? You’re liable to get much better information from the manufacturer than any of us ‘guessing’ here on this forum.