Can I (should I) use any existing speakers in my new setup?

  • 23 December 2018
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I have a high end A/V system powered by an ARCAM A/V receiver and Dynaudio Front & Centre speakers with a B&W subwoofer.

I am downsizing to a much smaller apartment and do not have the space for all the speaker equipment. Do I have to get rid of it all, or can I use some of it based around the Sonos system? I am thinking, particularly of the subwoofwer which cost around $1800 7 years ago. Can I connect this into a Sonos 5.1 surround sound Cinema system, or would I be better off just using the Sonos system in total?

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7 replies

Two of the new Sonos Amps will allow you to use the fronts, surrounds, and sub to get 4.1 with a phantom center. You could use an Amp for just the surrounds, with a SonosPlaybar, Playbase, or Beam plus Sonos Sub for a more compact 5.1.
Thanks for that.

I don't really even have the space for the Play 1 surrounds so I am looking at adding high quality ceiling speakers. Could I get away with 1x Connect amp for the pair of surround speakers? I guess I would need a dedicated Connect amp for the subwoofer alone? That would just leave the Playbar. I guess I would need a further Connect amp to power that?

Just getting my head around it all. Thanks for your help!

The Connect:Amp requires hardwiring to Ethernet of both the Connect:Amp and the Sonos soundbar you choose. The new Amp can do it without hardwiring Ethernet. Also, there is no way to get the 3rd party sub in the mix with just the surrounds using the Connect:Amp or Amp.

Using a second Sonos unit just to drive the Sub will not work. Units not bonded to the Room are 75 ms behind the TV sound because they are not on the same low lag 5 GHz band.

I thought I would quickly begin to muddy the waters if I tried to customise too much. OK, I will bin ALL my existing audio stuff 😞 and start afresh. However, I will still need a couple of ceiling speakers due to space considerations. Could you advise what Sonos equipment you would purchase to provide the best 5.1 system using third party surround speakers and with options to expand to multi room sonos? I am trying to get a total cost as well as best quality gear.

Thanks so much

Personally, I would go Beam, Sub, Amp. They are the newest of their types with the latest tech; Alexa, Airplay, etc. Without a need for Alexa, go for Playbar for a slight edge in sound quality.
That's great. thank you

I will investigate further

Many many thanks

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Look at some wall mounted Play 1s as an option, put them high and you may like them better than ceiling speakers, your landlord and neighbors above might too.