Can I set up two Era 100s with a Samsung TV?

  • 12 July 2023
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I would like a sound bar but it wouldn't fit in my set up, or at best it would look ‘clumsy’, so a sound bar is not an option.


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 12 July 2023, 15:13

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7 replies


Era-100 speakers are not designed for use with the "usual" TV connections, i.e. those outputting their audio over ARC/eARC, or Optical. If you cannot use a Soundbar, perhaps use the Sonos Amp instead, with two passive speakers, otherwise you ‘may’ go onto encounter lip-sync issues with the video on-screen.

Thank you Ken, your advice is much appreciated 


Yes you can set up both via your home Wi-Fi and your tv.

im doing the same thing.

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@Toothbz Using bluetooth, I presume? You do not experience any lag in the audio?

Yes you can set up both via your home Wi-Fi and your tv.

im doing the same thing.


Can you clarify what you mean by this?  The Era 100s are connected to your home WiFi, but the Era 100s cannot get audio from you TV via WiFi.  You can connect the Era 100s to the TV via aux input cable (with Sonos adapter) or via bluetooth, but know that the Era 100 is not designed to be in lip sync with the video in the TV and will only play stereo audio in this setup.

My Son tried it with two Era-300’s connected over Bluetooth to a FireTV - He soon encountered lip-sync issues and gave up. When it comes to TV audio, it really does need an ARC/eARC, or Optical, connection into the Sonos eco-system.


I have the dual era100’s running through the Bluetooth speakers setup on my Samsung smart tv. No noticeable audio delay from video. Not sure what you people are doing wrong. This is an all wireless hook up.