can I set it up the way I want ???

  • 19 April 2022
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Hey all - hoping for some help..

I have a sonos beam 2 hooked up to the tv, and the back of this same room I have a sonos 5 plugged into my record player. They are set up as seperate rooms.
what I am wanting to do is get a PAIR of sonos ones.. I will then put them in the back of the room toeard the corners. I will create a pair and set it up as a home theatre to my soundbar (I am confident this will work)


what I then want to have is the option to play music from my sonos 5 which is laid down on its side (which apparently makes it stereo although no obvious stereo effect obviously !) - and have stereo music coming from the paired ONES. 

I hope that makes sense.. in my head I know what I mean, keen for your thoughts ! 


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You can add a pair of Ones (or One SLs) as surrounds to the Beam for a 5.0 home theater setup.

You can group the Beam/Ones setup with the Five in the Sonos app and audio will play in full stereo out of the Five and Ones, BUT the music will also play out of the Beam too. When the Ones are bonded to the Beam as surrounds, you cannot just play audio out of the Ones.

To get full stereo playback out of the Ones, be sure to set Music Playback to FULL under the Surround Audio settings for the Beam.