can i build home theater with 5.1 package and add amp with wired dumb speakers rear?

  • 13 November 2020
  • 1 reply

I'm hoping to get into the Sonos ecosystem and can't seem to find much than conflicting or years old information.


I want to set up Sonos 5.1 (Arc/Beam) but use the surround satellites as side surround or at least high surround.

Reason is.... Hoping to use Amp/Connect as rear to hook up existing dumb speakers as rear surround at ear level.  I can't run wires to sides and want to clean up rear wires running under rug and instead have a wireless device in back


Is it possible that Sonos can send rear surround signal to the Amp (left/right wired rear) and then use Sonos Ones as side surround?


Any help would be appreciated

1 reply

No problem using an Amp and passive speakers for the rears, with Amp or Beam as front 3.

But that's it. You cannot add any more speakers to the HT setup.