Cambridge Audio - Amplifier azur 550A and Sonos Connection Query

  • 3 April 2018
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Hi Guys, I am new to the Sonos community and have yet to buy any products because of recent doubts caused by a visit to a well known retailer. I won't mention their name.

I have a question/problem that may be solved by Sonos or may not.

I currently have a Cambridge Audio system comprising Amp azur 550A, AM/FM/DAB Tuner azur 650T and Compact Disc player azur 550C which has 4 wired Mission speakers in two rooms (2 in each) which utilises the A and B options of the Amp. I am very happy with the system and had a DAB aerial fitted some years ago to make good use of the DAB radio. However there are wires everywhere and I would like to be able to use the system with wireless speakers.

Having looked at the Sonos systems and a previous similar query I thought Sonos would be the answer but the unnamed retailer confused the hell out of me talking about ins and outs and loops.

I am not knowledgeable about these things but thought that a Sonos Connect and a Sonos speaker (one to start with) would enable me to play all aspects of the Cambridge system through the Sonos speaker as well as playing my music currently on my iPhone and MacBook.

If this is possible please advise because I would love to ditch the wired speakers.

Many thanks.


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8 replies


If this is possible please advise because I would love to ditch the wired speakers.
Then you have to ditch the Amp as well and don't need the Connect. Start with a pair of play 5 speakers in one room, and a 1 pair in the other, if four 5 units are too expensive.

Wire the Tuner to the line in jacks of one 5 unit and the CD player to the line in jack of the other 5 unit. Both will play on all Sonos speakers. The correct way to go about things is to also get a NAS - a hard disc drive based unit - wired to the router and move all the music from the CDs and the computer to it. Then the CDs and the CD player will be redundant. And the computer need not be on to play music via Sonos.

Once you fully understand what internet radio can deliver, the Tuner may also get redundant.

Note that all Sonos speakers will still need a wire to the mains for power.

All of this will work if you have a stable WiFi network in the home.
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All good points by Kumar.

And your gut instinct not to get all your info from the guy on the floor at the retailer is a good one. People get bad advice from the store sales people consistently and come here after when they realize they purchased the wrong things.
Thanks Kumar and Chris. I appreciate your comments and advice.

In reality the CD player has not been used in years so is in fact redundant as most of my CDs are now on my MacBook which would presumably be accessible to the Sonos via wi-Fi?

Plugging the Tuner into a Play 5 does of course limit its placement close to the tuner. Not a real problem though. Is it only the Play 5 speakers that the tuner can be wired into?

I have seen various comments about internet radio, not all good, so at the moment would like to keep the Tuner so long as it all works through the Sonos system.

Currently I am not into streaming music but just playing what I've got on my MacBook and using the tuner for radio. So long as I can do that I would be happy.
Yes, the music on the Mac can be accessed by Sonos via WiFi as long as the Mac is on. The tuner can also be wired to a Connect to free up the 5 to then be placed anywhere to access the music wirelessly from the Connect, but seeing a probable short remaining use for the Tuner, I hesitate to recommend the investment in a Connect.

Once you know for sure the fate of the Tuner based on how internet radio works for you, that step can be assessed. As far as I know, most of what the Tuner delivers will also be delivered via internet radio.
Once Sonos is in place, I suggest you also see how internet radio services like Spotify work for you. You may well find that all the music on your Mac and a LOT more is available to be heard there. If that works for you, there may even not be a need to invest in a NAS to free up the Mac from music play duty as suggested earlier. Between Spotify/any other and internet radio, all your music/news source needs may be fulfilled. If so, the NAS/Mac/Tuner/CD player become redundant for this application. Except as a back up for the times the service is disrupted and not available. And you will have done a lot to eliminate messy cables and wires.
Hi Kumar, thanks for all your advice. Yesterday I took the initial Sonos plunge and bought a Sonos One. Very pleased with it and at the moment it does all I require. I have signed up for Spotify Premium and I will investigate streaming soon. My only question now is about which AP do I need to play the music off my MacBook Pro? There doesn't seem to be one available other than what are effectively non-Sonos APs.

The old system and cables are going on eBay very soon.
You have to "point" the Sonos One to the music library folder on your Mac, via the Controller App. See:

I am not sure what AP means, but I don't think it matters! If it does, let me know. And you may have even found a better approach in starting with one One. You can run them as two pairs, replacing the Mission and Cambridge kit including the CDP and Tuner, without ever buying a NAS and doing without the 5 units if you find that the Tuner is redundant. For the times Spotify isn't adequate, there is always the Mac and your music on it.
Kumar, thanks for the link to the Controller App which is what I meant by AP. I couldn't find it before but all ok now. I have removed all the Cambridge and Mission kit now and we are totally Sonos and Spotify and Mac where and when necessary but I think internet radio and Spotify will cover all our needs now. Thanks for you help.