Buying refurbished from out of country

  • 15 January 2021
  • 1 reply

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I hope this isn’t an illicit query. But I’m up in Toronto and, for whatever reason, the refurbished section on the Canadian version of the Sonos site has been empty for quite some time. Whereas there’s a juicy pair of Play:1s available on the US site (to help flesh out my new Beam). It wouldn’t be a problem for me to have a friend in the States receive the parcel for me / ship it up to me in Toronto. But: would I be inviting trouble, in case I ultimately do need to rely upon the Sonos warranty?

1 reply

I’ve always been of the opinion that refurbished product get much more testing than normal off the shelf stuff, since they’re handled one at a time and checked to make sure there’s no longer an issue. I wouldn’t think you’d have any issue having your friend make the purchase for you. It could have been just as easy for you to have purchased it while living in the states, and moving to Canada. I wouldn’t expect Sonos to really care. They have offices in both countries.,