Buying a Sonos system - what would you get?

  • 28 November 2016
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My situation is I'm planning to buy a Playbar for my tv, etc and two Play:1s for other rooms. My place is under 700 sq. ft. and I don't think I need more than that. All my music, which is constantly on in my place, is on an iPod Classic that still works great, my laptop and iTunes Match. I'm convinced one day that Sonos and iTunes Match will somehow be friends, but when...? So here is what I'm debating, trying to balance expense vs. future system improvements and additions:
-Buy an iPod touch and download all of my music on it (likely would get a 64GB)
-Buy a Connect and line-in my iPod Classic
-Boy a Play:5 and line-in my iPod Classic

One day I may add a turntable and/or cd player to the mix. I think I'm leaning toward the Connect. What would you recommend? Thanks!

Which option would you recommend?

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1 reply

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Here's what I would do if I were you.

Buy a NAS and put your music on that. You don't say what phone you have but if it is Apple or Android this can be used as a controller (check the version restriction).

I have no idea why you'd ever want to buy a CD player again - even if you were given one what benefit would that bring? Vinyl, fair enough but again I'm not really convinced by that especially as you need to convert Analogue to Digital which seems to me to defeat the object of vinyl.