Boost vs Sonos One (Gen2)

  • 3 October 2019
  • 2 replies

If the objective is the most powerful SonosNet setup, can a wired Sonos One (Gen2) really be as good as a Boost (3 antennas 360 broadcast etc)? Does the Play One also have 3 antennas in ?

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2 replies

Unless you are seeing unstable music play via a wired One, why does it even matter? For all practical purposes, using a Boost in addition to present generation speakers is necessary only where wiring a speaker to the router is not practical or where a Boost is needed to extend the signal to a remote location in the home.

Nothing is gained by more Sonosnet "power" beyond the point needed for music play to be stable.
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I have a Boost and several wired speakers, the un-wired ones seem happy to connect to a wired speaker a few feet closer to them than mt Boost.

A boost today is very optional and hard to justify.