Bluetooth Turntable connection to Sonos.

  • 23 February 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi, I am a novice at tech stuff and new to Sonos, so go easy on me!  I have a Sonos PlayBar, Play1 and Sonos One.  Just bought an Audio-Technica bluetooth turntable LP60XBT.  Can I use bluetooth to connect this to my general Sonos system?  After reading many comments in this community, I am gleaning that the answer is no, except for the Sonos Move.  But using the Move will not connect to the rest of the system when it’s receiving bluetooth from the turntable?    Thanks in advance for suggestions!

2 replies

Your understanding is correct. Essentially, in order to get that audio in to the Sonos ecosystem, you’ll need a Sonos device with a line in, either a Sonos Port or a Sonos Five. You could either connect a Bluetooth receiver to that line in, or connect the turntable via wires to the line in. Once the signal is in the Sonos system, you can play it on any of your Sonos speakers. 

THANKS Bruce!!!  I appreciate the recommendation.