Bluetooth transmitter

  • 3 December 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi I'm looking for some Bluetooth transmitters that work with the sonos move any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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3 replies

Move supports SBC and AAC codecs. It already works with phones etc. using their inbuilt BT. 

What do you want to connect a transmitter to, and how?

It's mainly for a record player but might use it for the TV as well. Do you have any links to units available on amazon. Thanks so much for your help. 

Ignore TV. The Bluetooth delay would ruin lip-sync.

As for the record player, you won’t find a transmitter which handles the better quality AAC so you’d be stuck with the default SBC. Anything should do, to be honest, so long as it has a compatible profile.

Don’t forget that a turntable will require a phono preamp. If it’s not built-in you’ll need a separate one.