• 22 February 2016
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Does anyone know if blue-tooth will be available for sonos anytime soon? if that happens, would the entire speaker need to be replaced ? I am new to the system and am debating between Sonos and Bose since Bose has bluetooth tech and I happen to use frequently, but I like the sould on Sonos better, which makes it a difficult choice to make.

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10 replies

Sonos never pre-announce, but it would be a big surprise to me if Bluetooth were added. Rumours persist about Google casting at some point, but they are only rumours. Sonos is superior on every other count to Bose. A generation 2 Play:5 is vastly superior in sound to anything Bose has produced, and you can add a Bluetooth receiver using the line-in socket.
I would bet my house that Sonos will never add Bluetooth*. It's an inferior technology to wireless transmission and yes it would require an entirely new range of hardware to do it.

*I don't own a house incidentally...
Thanks John B for the answer and explanation. I agree on the sound part, because I am testing both systems at this point and Sonos has not disappointed! but the issue is that my wife wants a play certain youtube music on occasion for the little ones and we need to connect to the speaker somehow. so, based on what you say, buying a separate BT receiver and plugging in the Line-in at the back of Play5 should do the trick? am I understanding it right?
Yes, connect the analog out on a Bluetooth receiver to the analog line in on the Play:5. Then adjust the buffering and input level to optimise. You would then have the same type of support as Bose Bluetooth.
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I love my Sonos system and generally do not have need for Bluetooth functionality, but in the summer I love to use a Bluetooth portable speaker outside. To date I have never been able to use my Sonos system to play audio on the Bluetooth portable device. I think and hope I have found a solution. I just ordered a Nolan TRX HD2 Bluetooth transmitter from Amazon. I plan to use the optical output on my Sonos Connect (ZP80) to connect to the Bluetooth transmitter. I think it should work. If so I should also be able to use Bluetooth headphones as well. Has anyone tried this??
If I buy the Soundbar and plug it into the TV "Optic cable" would that act as the receiver for the Sub and any other sonos speakers I might add later? Basically want the sound bar to play anything that's on the TV-BluRay/Xbox ect.
Also I am attempting to connect everything Via wireless router in an area where there is no actual Internet. I've heard it's possible to do?
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I agree there are many Bluetooth dongles. And YES actually excellent Bleutooth receivers offering first in class streaming & audio quality equipped with aptX® technology and digital optical audio output compatible with iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Mac & PCs

aptX technology and

I recently bought a Marmitec Bluetooth Music Receivers ,BoomBoom 90 or my Son, hooked it up to a PLAY:5 allowing him to stream his favorite songs, playlist via Sonos speakers

Disappointed to see Sonos staying behind the curve not adding bleutooth capabilities into its speakers where other top-brands do offer bleutooth support.
Why forcing customer to buy-install dongles using Play:5 or ZP90 3.5" audio jack as inputs. We live in 2016 not the ´90ties
Sonos has stated it considers Bluetooth to be inferior technology due to lack of range, sporadic connection, need to stream via the phone instead of direct from the source, systems sounds intruding, etc. So, like Airplay, it leaves this inferior tech for the user to install themselves via the line-in. Best of both worlds; the user gets Bluetooth if they want it, and Sonos does not have to tarnish its brand with the deficiencies of Bluetooth, nor spend the money needed to support it.
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Been hearing this tune for awhile now.. inferior... has no intention of...
Remember Sonos releasing CR200 and Sonos DOCK (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS) ... by now these technologies are also considered inferior. Whats different ?

Don´t understand me wrong, love my Sonos, own large setup, multiple devices, yet expect Sones to better aligning to customer needs
And you notice they do not manufacture the CR200 or Sonos Dock anymore? I'm not sure what your point is. Sonos is not going to support Bluetooth. Matter of fact, they have recently expressed the wish to let all third party apps stream through their new Sonos Direct protocol. I highly doubt they are going to spend the money and man-hours to develop a sophisticated WiFi based solution if they planned on supporting Bluetooth.