Best TV for Sonos Beam compatability

So I have just pre-ordered the new Sonos Beam to go with my 2 x Play 1 speakers. I just need to add a TV to the collection now and was wondering what are people's thoughts on what to look out for with regards to TV specifications in order to optimize integration within the system? Thoughts on TV brands most compatible with Sonos?

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It is not so important with the beam as it connects via HDMI ARC, so just make sure your new tv has this, (I would of thought they all do) and you are good to go.
The number of HDMI sockets the tv has maybe important to you, if you need to connect a lot of stuff to it.
Get one with HDMI ARC (eARC if possible) and CEC.
Yeah my TV doesn't have ARC or the optical output ?


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