Best set up for outdoor listening party

  • 18 November 2023
  • 4 replies

What would be the best Sonos set up for a listening party in this space outdoors 19’x11’x10ft - three open sides?  Anywhere from 4 to 8 people.  We like it loud, but nice.  Any thoughts?


4 replies

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A Sonos Amp and six Sonos outdoor speakers by Sonance.

Give them both a look at the Sonos Store


Essentially this is a very large “room”. I recommend adding subwoofer.

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Does the Sonos Amp support dual Subs?

Sonos doesn’t make that clear, just saying “Home Theater System” here.


That would sound really good with one at either side of the doors.

I am far from an expert in Sonos, but recently was at a friend’s and he had 1 Sonos Amp with the Sonance Mag 6.1 System on his screened-in porch which has a higher ceiling and is much larger than what you have pictured.  It sounded AMAZING with good volume and bass - it is what has me now trying to figure out what all to get for my new construction build and into Sonos.  


Sonance - MAG6.1 - Mag Series 6.1-Ch. Landscape Outdoor Speaker System Powered by Sonos