Best recommended router for SONOS

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What router (brand, model) to you recommend for optimal use with regard to SONOS?

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It's actually a lot easier to tell you which hardware isn't compatible with Sonos. Anything not listed there should work just fine with Sonos.

If you have any questions about a particular router model, please specify the manufacturer and model number and any of us can look at it and give possible positives and negatives about it.
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Great! Thanks! I have a TP-link AC1750 Archer C7.
I have Google WiFi and like others I have issues. How does Google WiFi not make the "Isn't compatible with Sonus" list?
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I have Google WiFi and like others I have issues. How does Google WiFi not make the "Isn't compatible with Sonus" list?

Hi Gabegg

When you say Google Wi-Fi are you speaking of their Google Mesh product or Google as your ISP...there is a difference.

On the former your ISP could be AT&T for example and you chose to use Google Mesh hardware.

On the latter Google Fiber is your ISP and you have a choice to use the Wi-Fi signal generated by the combo modem/router provided by Google Fiber or you can opt (as I did) to turn off the Wi-Fi signal in the Google equipment and use the router of your choice. FYI, I have no problems in this setup and I also use a Boost.

In either scenario the proper equipment configuration is critical to get Sonos; or any product, to operate correctly and efficiently on the your network.

If you are still having issues I suggest you submit a diagnostic via the Sonos App and post the reference ID in this forum.

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I have no issues with Netgear Orbi mesh system (but I am also running Sonosnet in conjunction keeping music off of the router wifi).
what about Synology Router RT2600ac
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Google (mesh) WiFi can work well, just requires a little tweaking. Adding the Boost worked wonders for me.
Thank you. I only have 1100 sq ft

Hi Guys, I’m having an issue with setting up my Sonos. We have just moved house and have a new Nighthawk M2 Wireless router. I plug the Sonos Booster directly into the Ethernet Port on the router, the devise is found, the serial number is correctly displayed on the screen, i push the join button, the app says it is. one ting but then it comes up and says Could not connect. I have reset the booster, turned off and back on again the router, changed ethernet cables, tried plugging in a Sonos 1 to establish a network, but nothing is working. Can you help me out please? I’m beyond frustrated, we have 5 sonos 1’s, a sound bar, a Move and a Sub. If you could help that would be awesome.

I don’t know exactly what you have done with BOOST. Don’t factory reset anything at this point.

Temporarily remove BOOST’s power, set BOOST aside, and wire one of your other units to the router. Ignore MOVE during the initial steps. After they are rebooted, I expect that all of the other SONOS units that are within wireless range of each other will become operational. Here is a quick way to deal with MOVE in the new environment. If everything is working, power up BOOST, but don’t wire it to your network yet. If BOOST joins the other units, you are done and you can wire BOOST to the network. If BOOST is not joining the other units, factory reset BOOST and add it to your existing system -- don’t setup a new system. Now, you can wire BOOST and continue as you had been operating in the old house.

As you work through this, you can go to Settings → System → About My System to see which units are currently recognized. Units that are using SonosNet (one or more units wired) will show “WM: 0” Units that are using WiFi will show “WM:1”. MOVE will always be WM: 1.