Best mount for the playbar ?

  • 20 November 2016
  • 1 reply

Just purchased the playbar, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a mount for the playbar that would enable me to hide the otpical cable to the back of the tv for a clean look? I see the Sonos official playbar mount and I also see some mounts online that attach to the back of your TV that hold the playbar directly below the tv and was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these. Thanks!

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1 reply

Heh. Sure, go ahead and make fun of me :)

I've got the one that holds the Playbar to the bottom of the TV, so that if you move the TV, the playbar stays in line with it. Purchased it from Flexson through Amazon. Not to the making fun of me part: I bought and hooked this up a couple month ago when I moved to a new house. The part I haven't yet done is hang the dang TV on the wall, so right now, it's sitting on a cabinet, leaning up against the wall. One of the weekends, I'll hang it, I swear.

Build quality is good. The connection of the speaker to the mount is not as solid as I'd like, and tends to rely on both friction and gravity more than a true mechanical (screw in) solution, but should be fine, even here in earthquake country of California. But I suspect that any of these that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer will be similar, and functional. Sonos, Flexson, Sanus, whomever, all should be good enough. That being said, I'd stay away from a no-name brand of mount. You really don't want your speaker to hit the ground from 4 or 5 feet up.