Best Dolby Atmos speaker setup

  • 17 May 2023
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Hi all,

My house currently have a pair of ceiling speakers above my sitting area across the TV location, so it got me thinking what the best Sonos home theater set up to buy.

  1. Arc, Sub and 2x Era 300. This is the latest recommendation from Sonos, but it won’t use the speaker that’s already in place which seems to be a waste, and I wonder if the overhead sound by reflection would be as good as actual ceiling speaker. It also sucks that I can’t add an Amp since it exceeds the maximum number of speaker in a Sonos set up
  2. Arc and Sub, then add 1x Amp for ceiling speakers, and install 2x in-wall speaker paired with 1x Amp. Does this provide Atmos rendering? I don’t see in any documentation on whether this is more than what the Sonos system support. Would this be better than Option 1?

Thanks for the feedback!


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You can only add two surround speakers to a Sonos home theater setup. So if you want to use your existing in-ceiling speakers as surrounds, you should get the Arc, Sub, and Amp. This will give you a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup.

But the best Dolby Atmos setup Sonos has to offer is the Arc, two Subs, and two Era 300s as surrounds. This is a 7.2.4 setup.

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Maybe get GuitsarSuperstar’s recommendation for your TV use and add an Amp (as another Room name) that you can use for music, either alone or grouped to the TV Sonos set.