Best CURRENT option for connecting to Google Home

Like many of you, I've got a combination of Sonos and Homes in my life. Unfortunately I only currently have two Play 1s but I'm desperate to find a way to cast music via my Homes, to my Sonos.

As I see it, there are currently two solutions. Get a Play 5 or Connect and then add a Chromecast Audio. The obvious choice seems to be the Play 5, but will I be able to cast to all the speakers in my house if I have that? Or would I need to have a Connect to enable that?

Is there another option? Could I buy a PlayBase and connect that to my TV then add a Chromecast to the TV and cast music to the Chromecast and then to the Playbase (and maybe to the other speakers?) If it would work, it seems like the best option as I'm much more interested in getting a Playbase than I am a 5 or a Connect.

AND FINALLY, have many people had luck getting things to play via IFTTT? Is that a viable fourth option?

Thanks for all your thoughts!

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Either option (Play:5 or Connect) with a connected Chromecast device (video or audio) will allow you to stream the input to any and all Sonos speakers in your home. Note that the Playbar will be slightly out of sync with the others if you group them because of the need to buffer the output for sending over the 2.4 GHz band.
Thanks for that. Would putting it on Ethernet eliminate that lag? AND presumably the PlayBase will have the same problem?
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Shameful advertisement here, but you might be interested in for IFTTT and Google Assistant support. Won't allow you to play synchronized music together with the Home speakers, but would allow basic control if you have the patience to setup all triggers in IFTTT manually.


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