Best combination for £500 budget? - already own a PLAY:1

  • 16 June 2017
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I already own a PLAY:1 and was wondering what the best combination of speakers (for a single room) would be for £500. In essence, whether it would be best to purchase another 2 PLAY:1s, or a PLAY:3 and another PLAY:1, or a PLAY:5.
Thanks to all in advance!

Best answer by jgatie 16 June 2017, 22:17

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3 replies

2 Play:1s, Use one for a stereo pair in that room and put the other in a second room. I don't recommend putting multiple speakers in a room that are not stereo paired, if audio quality is your goal. For background music or ambiance, you could do it, but for quality listening, get a stereo pair of Play:1s (and a Sub, if possible) or a pair of Play:5s.
Couldn't agree more with jgatie. (as usual)
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Personally i would go with the Play 1 speakers, they are much more compact than the Play 3 or 5. For the price they offer good quality sound, i have both Play 3 and Play 5 speakers ea one in a different room. I have 2 Play 1's set up with a Play Base in my TV room and they sound every bit as good as the 3 & 5 speakers.