Best audio pair setup some tv use

  • 25 December 2017
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We have lots of sonos pieces and I'm looking to set up a "stereo system" was going to go connect amp and some good bookshelf units but I like sonos sound.... the main goal is music but I do have a smart tv on the shelf I plan to put the system. The only existing gear I would have is a gen 1 5. So thinking a pair of (1,3 or 5) and use the old 5 in the center????? Or sell the old five and go 2 new 5s only?

Let me know your thoughts

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2 replies

Hmm. You can't use the line-in on a PLAY:5 for anything other than stereo. It can't handle a 5.1 signal, so while you could group a pair of speakers with a PLAY:5 in the center, it would be like having a stereo pair with a center speaker playing both left and right channels. You wouldn't be getting any significant separation. Honestly, if you're interested, I'd skip the center speaker option, and just go with the stereo pair of whatever you think sounds best, and use the line in on your current PLAY:5.

Now, you should note that in connecting your TV to the Sonos system without a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE means that you'll be using the analog input on either a CONNECT or a PLAY:5. Both of which will incur at least a 75ms delay in sound. This may be problematic for you in terms of lip sync, or it may not bother you at all.
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Try a 5.1 system with PLAY:1's in full mode for sounds amazing. You will be surrounded with music and have excellent stereo separation..

I want to try and have PLAY:5's in place of the PLAY:1's next and see what that sounds like.