Before I buy - advice using a FIVE, a ONE and an ONE SL

  • 30 May 2023
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For playing music in a large kitchen diner (parties and high-quality listening) I’m considering buying a FIVE to sit on a shelf central on the long wall, then put a ONE SL and a ONE at the extreme sides of the room to create a wider sound field in the room (without the expense of 2x FIVES). (Note: I thought a ONE would be useful as it will have a mic for smart speaker purposes).

Question: Can I set the ONE and ONE SL as a stereo pair, and have the FIVE playing in stereo to get this wide sound field?

Would this work? 

6 replies

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I can not answer the question about setting up the Sonos one and one SL as a stereo pair (but I would think you can)

I can however tell you about my system. I have 2 of the older “play one’s” set up as a stereo pair and have added a Five to it. Oh boy, people who visit me say it is the best sound system they have ever heard. I think having the flexibility to eq the left and right but also the loudness of front back. You won’t regret it





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You can stereo pair the 2 ONES yes, even though one is an SL version.

Then you can group them and the Five together to play at the same time. 

Thanks both - so helpful. Can I ask, once all three are grouped, do they remain in that configuration, or do they need regrouping? 

Also, is lack of bluetooth on the Five an issue at all?

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Once you group them, they will stay in the group until you split them up again. 

The lack of Bluetooth isn't a problem for me with those speakers that don't have it. The WiFi streaming is a superior sound anyway. 

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Remember the One and the One SL also do not do bluetooth. The speakers remain grouped until the speakers restart, which they do after every update. So once in a while you’ll have to regroup them.

Great advice, thanks everyone. So, just been readong about the ERA 300. It's very new out the blocks, but looking like an updated alternative to the Five. Anyone got any experience or thoughts on that (or the ERA 100s)?