Beam with record player?

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Anyone know if the beam would work with the audio technica player?

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You will need a Connect as well, since the Beam has no analog input.
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The Audio Technica player would need to have an audio output using HDMI or Optical Audio. If it does, you are set to go! In most cases, users with turntables tend to go with a Connect or Play:5.
Hadn’t thought about that. I wonder whether one of these would work?
Optical out version.
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Is it just me or is all this analog / digital conversion stuff really make a record player worth it. Not Beam related - but even to me … feeding a turntable into a Connect even. I mean I guess if you have a large collection you want to play.
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Your going to need one of the converters Analog to toslink.

Or if haven't purchased record player this one may be better as it has toslink included

…. and USB to save that music to flac files and forget the turntable down the road on a digital system.
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strike that one - looks like the Pro-ject only outputs 24/96 and Sonos toslink inputs will not accept that. At least I assume the converter that comes with the Beam will have that limitation like Playbar … could be wrong.

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