Beam vs. Amp + Yamaha NS-IW28C

  • 12 November 2020
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I am going back and forth on which option will work better for my needs and looking for input/advice.

The previous owner of our house installed 4 Yamaha NS-IW280C speakers in the ceiling on the main floor. There are 2 behind the couch that faces the TV, one in the kitchen and another in the dining room. I’ve never used these so I cant comment on the sound quality.

In an effort to improve the sound on our main floor I’ve been debating buying an Amp to power the Yamaha’s for WHA vs. picking up a Beam to beef up the audio quality from the TV as well as for regular music listening.

Given that the Yamaha’s are slightly behind me in the ceiling when watching TV I would expect that even with the phantom center channel from the Amp, I wouldn’t benefit much from this setup for TV watching.

At the same time I’m wondering how the Beam would compare to the Yamaha’s + Amp when it comes to listening to music.

It also drives me mental knowing that we have nice speakers in the ceiling that aren’t being used :(

Ideally I’d like to get better sound from the TV as well as better music quality than I get from my Amazon Echos but I’m thinking that that is too much to ask for from a single piece of equipment.

FWIW - Our main floor is open concept so the Beam would be heard from everywhere and I also have a full 5.1 setup in the basement so the Beam would not be the only way to have good quality audio when watching moves etc.

Does anyone have an opinion on which setup would be preferable? Is there anything else to consider before purchasing?

Thanks in advance.


1 reply

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Hi @adampetrie.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your interest and your detailed post outlining your concern, I’d be glad to check and provide you an option.

It would be best to call our Sales Team for a thorough discussion as they have all the details and answers for your inquiry to get your new system started.

Furthermore,  some of the community members might provide their own opinion about this anytime soon.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know, we’d be glad to help.