Beam + Play Ones + Sub vs Playbar +Sub

  • 24 July 2018
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I am thinking of adding some Sonos speakers for TV and movies (and a bit of music) in the living room. I quite like the new Beam but I am wondering if the sound quality is good enough compared to the Playbar. I would either buy the Beam and add 2x Ones and the Sub. Or I would buy the Playbar and the Sub.

Which option would be the best? Will the Beam deliver enough punch or is too tinny (when adding the other speakers)? Our living room is about 4x3 meters where we sit and watch TV and continues in an angle that is about 3x6 meters.

What would you choose?

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9 replies

No one??
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I can't comment on the Beam vs Playbar, but if it were me, I would put priority on surround speakers over the sub. I'd rather have the immersion of sound over more bass. And from what I understand, the Playbar isn't exactly lacking in bass.
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I think with the Sub you will get plenty of punch with the Beam. Lot of good speakers in beam just less bass. Sub solves that.

I have the Playbase with Sub and surrounds and I love it. I think you are going to get very close to that sound with Beam/Sub/Ones.
And the Beam is not going to sound tinny - especially when turbine up the volume?
I agree with Mugs on this. For the room size, the Beam is the better option. I don't think the beam is tinny at all. It only has one tweeter in it, compared to 4 woofers.

Regarding using the Ones for surround sound, the mics will be turned off automatically in this scenario. Basically the Play:1s are just as capable as the Sonos Ones when used this way. So you can save a little money this way. The Ones do have a better look and match the Beam better though.

Regarding getting a sub with that setup. I have the Beam setup with and without a sub, and I love the audio in both rooms. The sub does definitely add to it, but it's still very good without. However, if you have to decide between getting a sub and getting surrounds, I'd go with the surrounds. IMO, they add more when playing music sources than the sub does when set to full stereo.
And the Beam is not going to sound tinny - especially when turbine up the volume?

If you have a local retailer that sells Sonos, you probably can hear a side by side comparison between the Beam and the Playbar. I found the Beam and Playbar were pretty close on the low end. it's the high end where you could tell there was more tweeters in the playbar. Not that the playbar was tinny in any way, but just seem to cover it the highs more.

I'm not an expert, but I think the combination of beam with the play:1 or Ones sounds great because the Beam is really good on the mid to low range while the 1/Ones are great at the higher ends.
If I get the Beam then I would definitely get the sub. But the budget is not there for both Playbar, sub and ones/play 1’s. So that’s why I though about getting the Beam with the Sub (a must for me) and rear speakers.

And dialog is as clear as on the Playbar?
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Also if you have the room for it you could go Playbase. 3 tweeters, 6 midrange, 1 woofer. If you have space for Playbase and cost is an issue, you could skip the Sub. ($1000)

If Sub is a must(i agree) then go Beam/Sub with Play 1 surrounds. It's going to sound great with a little less cost than One's. ($1400)
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I have a beam and surrounds ( Sonos Ones(They sounded terrible until I truplay tuned then and then set it so that the surrounds have full loud * (not ambient) sound
It sounds great then, plenty of bass, I really dont think I need the sub, but that might change after I get one
So, get the beam/ playbar first add the surrounds and then think about the sub. since the sub is the most expensive eanyway, that is the logical way to proceed