Beam or a pair of Sonos Ones?

What would be better? A Beam or a pair of Sonos ones?
Looking for music in a double car garage. Mostly pop / hi-hop type music.

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Pair of Ones. The Beam is really a special purpose television speaker, meant to connect to a video device.
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Ones and a Sub if you want a really solid low end. Try just the Ones first.

Pay attention to the Play 1 versus Sonos One differences, don't get the wrong one and don't try to mix the two.
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As I own both. There's really no question that two Sonos One's in stereo pair will trump the Beam.
The sound quality from a pair of Play:1 or Sonos One is noticeably better than the Beam which is optimized for television. The bass is stronger and overall the sound is more full. If you're not going to use the HDMI-ARC port than pair of Sonos One / Play 1 is the way to go.
All the replies in the above, thanks!


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