Beam Aesthetics

  • 18 June 2018
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I've been going back and forth about beam vs. playbar and was (finally) leaning beam. Yesterday I was casually measuring below the TV to see how the beam might look and my wife saw and responded, "THAT'S how it would look?!" She wasn't a fan.

We have a 65 in TV. Has anyone else thought about how the beam would look mounted against larger TVs? Does it/would it have any impact on your decision?

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7 replies

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A little bit. I plan on mounting one under a 55" tv. I don't think it will look strange though as it's in my bedroom, and I really don't want the tv and soundbar to sort of overpower the room, if that makes sense.

As a replacement to the main tv watching area, I'd be less worried about what it looks like as whether it can fill the room properly. That room is on the large size, and the beam is designed for small to medium rooms. If that wasn't a concern though, I don't think I'd be too worried about esthetics. It would sit on top of the fireplace, and everything seems to look bigger when you put it on the fireplace.

I do have a personal concern though with the beam's size. My playbar does an excellent job of hiding wiring and other devices for the tv. While sitting at the front of the mantle. the playbar hides a power strip, router, firetv, and all the excess wiring. The beam won't be able to do that.
Just as a thought, when I originally purchased my PLAYBAR, I was concerned about how it would "stand out" underneath my TV. It took about 3 days for me to become accustomed to the look and it completely blends in to the background now. What doesn't blend in is the incredible sound it creates.

I don't think a Beam or PLAYBAR are that outlandish that they wouldn't eventually "disappear", even for your wife. But then again, I don't know that for sure.
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Just installed my Beam yesterday under a 70 inch TV via the TV wall mount. It is smaller than my last soundbar, but the sound is fine. It also might look a little small, but it isn't a bad look.
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If the soundbar was gaudy I could see this being an issue, but I expect the Beam will quickly fade "into the background" of your view as happens with everything else. If the soundbar and television were identical lengths it might be more balanced, but that would be a highly unusual situation itself.
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