Beam (2) and One SL Set Up Purchase Validation

  • 4 September 2022
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I’m about to purchase a Sonos set up and wanted to check my thinking. I want the Beam (2) and I can connect it to two One SLs for surround sound on the TV.

If the TV is off and I ask Alexa to play some music, will the Ones both play the music as well or just the Beam?

If so will the sound balance out?


The TV will be in the corner and the Ones on either side of the couch facing the TV.


It’s a fairly large room too.


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1 reply

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The Ones will play music in conjunction with the Beam.

For music, you can select between Ambient or Full Mode. Selecting the latter, the Ones replicate the full sound from the Beam, or if you prefer the surrounds to be more subtle, you can select ambient mode.

You can also adjust the sound level for the surrounds, under both methods, to your liking.