Backordered Products

  • 20 September 2021
  • 2 replies

Can someone please let the customer base know when Sonos plans to get their supply chain issues resolved.  Common sense should have hit someone in the front office knowing the simple fact that when everyone is stuck in their houses, miserable, they are probably going to look to products that are going to improve their mental state.  Number 1 on that list is music and TV!  Perhaps it is time to begin manufacturing products on this side of the globe?  You moved your manufacturing from China to Malaysia however China is still controlling that supply market.  Actually China is controlling our entire country as well.  I own a custom AV installation company and we currently have 15 jobs waiting on your products to get completed.  Without them we can’t get paid- How about ramping up production before you lose your loyal following! 

2 replies

I’m sure Sonos is aware of the shortages in supply and the lost sales that have resulted from it.  As far as migrating manufacturing to a different part of the world, I would bet they have looked at that too.  My understanding is that much of the supply delays are not because of reduced labor or government customs slowing things down, but the global supply of certain chips that are needed in many products.  That shortage won’t go away by moving the manufacturing location.  Ford, for example, seems to be having similar issues, manufactured right here in the US.

In addition to chip shortages, there are shipping delays. Filled containers are sitting on docks, waiting to be loaded onto ships. At the other end, ships are stacked offshore, waiting to be unloaded. And, we are still recovering from disruption caused by the Suez Canal shutdown. And, there is a shortage of containers. This is caused by a spike in demand and many empties are in the wrong location. Since it takes time to load load and unload empties, shippers are reluctant to carry empty containers back to the originating port and simply leave the empties behind.