Audio Delay/Latency issues

  • 3 March 2017
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Looking to make the conversion to a whole home sonos system. Before I shell out the big bucks I have a question on delay.

The Goal: getting TV audio from Direct TV to lip sync with outdoor speakers (I want to watch my outdoor TV with audio coming over my patio speakers vs the tv's speakers)

I would be purchasing a Connect to broadcast my TV audio from living room receiver to a Connect AMP.
Connect AMP would be approx 25 ft from Connect and then an additional 20' of speaker wire to my outdoor speakers.

Can someone confirm if there is a delay in lip sync as I suspect there will be? I am aware that TV's have video delay features but that is a big risk to take if it doesn't match perfectly. Lip sync is a huge pet peeve of mine when it is milliseconds off.

If there is no solution does anyone have a suggestion to how I accomplish my goal?

One suggestion would possibly be to purchase a playbar and connect to outdoor TV. That won't work for us; the reason for sonos switch is to avoid carrying in/out audio equipment every night. If playbar was weather proof that is another story.

Thanks Everyone

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3 replies

There's a delay of ~70ms for any audio via a Sonos Line-In connection, when using the 'Uncompressed' setting. Given your sensitivity to lip-sync this could be a deal breaker.

If all you want is to get TV audio to outside speakers -- without all the other Sonos streaming goodies -- you'd perhaps be better off with a purpose-made low latency audio sender such as Audioengine's.W3, connected to a suitable amplifier.
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You know I line in my Sony Bravia TV to my connect amp which powers a couple Wharfedale Diamonds and do not experience any delay that bothers me at all. I have in the past tried to look closely to see if its something noticeable to be bothered about and I honestly could find nothing. Whereas others have complained of unacceptable delays with similar setups.
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I would suggest buy a PlayBar and try it you can always return it. I love mine and have no issues with delay.

It is not really a "portable speaker" and I would not want to have mine outside as I do not think it is weather proof.

Good luck