Any Play 1 wall/ceiling mounts that are rattle proof!??

  • 16 January 2018
  • 3 replies

I bought some Sanus wall mounts for my Play 1's, and while they're good, at certain levels, the bracket rattles, and the actual mount on the wall vibrates. Im beyond aggravated. Anyone have any tips, suggestions?

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3 replies

I've used Flexson wall mounts for PLAY:1s, and had no issues. But the mounts are also screwed in to the stud behind the wallboard, so they're pretty stable.

On the other hand, I've got a Sonos One sitting on a shelf in my bathroom, and noticed today that with some low bass (Tangerine Dream's Zeit), it was rattling a bit. So I'm going to get a rubber mousepad for it to sit on. If you're having issues with your wall mounts rattling against the wall, you may want to put a rubber isolation layer between the mount and the wall. Or just torque the screws down a bit more. You certainly shouldn't have the mounts rattling/vibrating at all.

Not sure if I've been helpful, since I don't own any of the Sanus mounts.
Thanks for your response Bruce. I think i will be trying some rubber backing very soon. Its SO annoying!
Can completely understand. You may want to also look at changing the bolts that are connecting it to the wall, to make sure that they're able to be as snug as possible.

One of the reasons I connected mine to the studs, rather than to drywall with no stud behind it was because I was concerned about boominess (spelling?) with the speakers flexing the drywall. So screwing into the studs behind meant that I could make sure there was no movement in the wall while they were playing.

Yes, I'm OCD. Why do you ask? 🙂