Advice: Speaker Selection and Locations

  • 5 January 2017
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I recently purchased two play 1's for my home office and set them up in stereo setting and really appreciate the output. As such, I have contemplated adding more Sonos units to my main living space.

The primary purpose for the system is to play Spotify but would be a bonus if it worked as rear speakers if possible with my current TV/ home theater setup.

Current Equipment:
- Denon AVR-S710W 525-Watt 7.2 Channel 3D Home Theatre Receiver
- Mourdant Short (2 wall mounted speakers + 1 centre channel)

I am trying to determine if I should:
1) buy a Connect + 2 play 1's and use them as rear speakers for TV and also use them for music + a subwoofer
2) buy a play 5 since its new and use it for music alone and maybe later if new play 3's come out get two and move the play 5 elsewhere
3) In future, I may want to add wall mounted 2 Play 1's in diagonal corners of the dining room as well. Looking for thoughts on this placement as the room is a bit of a hexagon shape.
4) also should I sit the pair of speaking in the TV kitchen area on the book shelf but only issue is that it is only 8 feet wide and not sure if it somehow better to ceiling mount and put it in the corner of kitchen if I can find a way to project sound to the entire kitchen area... just worried it won't carry into the tv area as well?
5) or any other options you would recommend?

Sorry for all the questions just trying to get a sense so I spend the money well and it meets the needs.

Thanks in advance.

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1 reply

1 - You would not be able to use 2 play 1's as rear speakers for tv in this setup as your suggesting.
2 - I'm not the best at answering this as I don't own any play 5s. I do have 2 play 3's in my kitchen, 2 play 1's in my master bedroom and I would say the play 3's are better. But really, it's your choice.
3 - I'm not a huge fan of mounting sonos speakers personally, as you will still need to wire them for power. You can do that through the walls and such, but it seems like they are better suited on a shelf. Really, if wall/ceiling mounting is that important, I would look into an connect:amp + good ceiling mount speakers. It would give you a much cleaner look. The connect doesn't even need to be in your dining room, it could be in a closet somewhere.
4 - My kitchen is shaped differently, but I have a play 3 on top of the fridge, and 1 sitting right on the counter.
5- If I were you, I would do this in steps. I'd get a connect to bring your existing setup into sonos. That will give you the access to spotify like you want, and allow you to play your home office and main area at the same time. I'd probably then look at sound for the kitchen, play 1's or play 3's. Then if you want full surround sound for your main space you can either add regular speakers to your receiver setup, or scrap it and go with a sonos playbar/subwoofer while repurposes your kitchen speakers as rear for your new system. Maybe you use repurpose your connect and receiver for speakers in the dining room?

There's lot of ways to do it, it really depends on how much you want to spend.