Adding wireless polk audio speakers to existing system?

  • 24 May 2017
  • 5 replies

What is best way to add (4 rooms) wireless polk audio speakers (or similar) to existing system? We have several P5 with bridge and love the ability to control separate volumes/music from the app. Its ok if we have just one music selection for these 4 (spa rooms), but I would like to control sound in each. Thanks!

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5 replies

What do the Polk speakers connect to for their wireless signal? How do you play music on them?

Assuming there's some sort of device that drives them, you'd need to get a Sonos Connect and attach it to that device, to drive those speakers,
Yes, I assume I will use a connect amp, but can I manage the volume on each speaker?
Not a Connect:Amp, unless you have wires going to those speakers. But you said they were wireless speakers?

Can you tell me what device pushes music to those speakers currently?
And if you can, knowing what model Polk speakers we're talking about would be very helpful, so I can look up data.

In answer to your question, it's unlikely that you'd be able to change the volume on the Polk speakers using the Sonos app. At least very effectively. The problem is that most wireless speakers are not designed to work with other companies wireless speakers. You'd almost be better either getting all Polk or all Sonos, and not trying to mix them. Given that it appears you've already purchased some of each, we'll try to figure out how to get them working as best as possible.
Assuming you are talking about something like the Polk Omni wireless speakers or other wifi wireless system. If you're talking about Bluetooth wireless, then it would have to be something different.

I don't know much about those Polk speakers, but I see that they have an auxiliary line in. That's really the only way you're going to get a Sonos system and this Polk system to be 'aware' with each other. You could get one Sonos CONNECT and have the output from Sonos go to the aux input of one Polk speaker. For that one Polk speaker only, Sonos could control the volume, but I wouldn't recommend that. The other 3 Polk speakers could play the Sonos source, but Sonos couldn't control the volume of the speakers. Essentially, you'd control the music source through Sonos, volume for Sonos speakers through Sonos, and volume for

Fundamental, Sonos controls volume by zones. If you connect multiple speakers to the same zone, then Sonos can't control the volume at each speaker. You could get a Sonos connect for each Polk Speaker you have (1 Sonos zone to each speaker) to get volume control, but that doesn't make any sense cost wise. You would better results and lower cost by just buying Sonos (or all Polk) speakers or Airgetlam already said .

If cost is your main driver for using Polk speakers instead of Sonos, then I would look into just getting Play:1s for your spa rooms. I think you might find they do a good enough job and you won't need to spend the cash for Play:5s. I'm guessing you really just want background music for these spa rooms. You can always get a 2nd Play:1 for each room for a stereo pair later on if you want.