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  • 26 August 2019
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Hi there,

So currently have a beam and 2 x PLAY:1 speakers and essentially want to add a vinyl collection and be able to play it through those speakers.

I’ve found the Sony PS-LX310BT which has a built in phono pre amp so I want the most cost effective way of achieving the goal of playing the turntable through the speakers I have and what I need

I believe that all I need is the connect to achieve what I want but I’m not sure if there’s anything I’m missing?

advice greatly received - thanks in advance for the help!

Best answer by Airgetlam 26 August 2019, 19:44

Yes, the CONNECT would work. I don’t recall what cables come with it, but the only thing you would need is RCA cables between it and the pre-amp.
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6 replies

Is the Beam connected to a TV? If so, you will need a Sonos device with an analog Line-in. These are the Connect, Amp, and Play:5. Of those, the least expensive would be the Connect.

If there is no TV and you just want to use the Beam for music, you could get an analog to optical ADC converter such as the one below and connect that between the turntable and the Beam, using the supplied optical adapter.
If the Beam's already connecting to the TV by optical, then get an IR-controlled optical switch to flip between TV and ADC.
I don’t think you’re missing anything. The CONNECT is the logical device, but any Sonos device that has an analog line in would work, including, amongst others, the PLAY:5, if you have need for another speaker. It would require RCA to mini-plug adaptor, but it acts in exactly the same manner for the analog input as a CONNECT does.
Many thanks all for the replies, really helpful.

The beam will be connected to a TV so looks as though the CONNECT is the one (price wise) - wondered if that would be an issue because it’s only connected to the TV via HDMI and the PLAY:1s are just wireless connected and the three are a group on the app.

I was also a little confused on the website where it referenced a receiver and wasn’t sure what this actually meant but I assume that’s the amp (which in the model of turntable I referenced above it has a pre phono one built in)

So basically If I go with the CONNECT I’ll wire the turntable to the CONNECT and then it should just all be picked up through the existing speaker setup?

any idea what wire it needs to be and does it come with the CONNECT?

sorry for the continual questions just quite an outlay in one go (as buying vinyl setup and now the CONNECT at the same time) so want to make sure that 1.) it’s all ready to go out of the box and 2.) I don’t outlay on the wrong thing!

thanks again all
Yes, the CONNECT would work. I don’t recall what cables come with it, but the only thing you would need is RCA cables between it and the pre-amp.
Thanks again for the help - much appreciated