Adding Speakers to Playbar and Sub

  • 19 January 2017
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A few months ago I purchased the Playbar and just bought the sub last week. Very happy with both but am now looking to add two speakers for TV viewing as well as listening to music. This is for our basement which is about 450 square feet, so not very big.

I've read lots of input and reviews for the Play 1 and Play 3 as well as the Play 5 speakers. I was set on the Play 3 but it doesn't seem to get as much love as the Play 1 for adding to a Playbar and Sub. Since I have the Sub already, I'm thinking the Play 5 wouldn't be necessary.

I don't mind spending the extra $200 for a pair of Play 3's over the Play 1's if it is truly worth the extra money.

If you had a Playbar and a Sub - what two speakers would you add ?

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4 replies

PLAY:1s. They're better than PLAY:3s in everything except bass extension, and PLAY:5s are generally regarded as overkill for surrounds.

That said, if listening to music with the surrounds in 'full stereo' mode is your thing, the PLAY:5s might just be worth considering.
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I had same situation , at first bought Playbar + Sub , then started looking for surround speakers .
Yes, I bought 2x Play1's and very happy with my choice indeed.
Both Play1's together creates incredible stereo sound, they are perfect for rear speakers ( of course you can use them as front speakers as well) .

So I add 2x Play1's 🆒
I have 2 play 1's as surrounds to my playbar & Sub and they are plenty powerful enough as surround speakers, infact I'd suggest you'd get very little out of paying the extra for the play 3's. Aesthestically the play 1's are small enough to be ignored where as the 3's are larger and therefore more difficult to "hide".
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Definitely the Play 1's IMO.

As I've said before in this community... I just can't bring myself to purchase a 3... the 1s are awesome speakers, and for surrounds in 450 Sq. Ft., a space you describe as "not very big" and I agree, I think you'd be very happy with the 1s. Once I want more in a speaker than a pair of 1s can provide, I just think the 5 is so superior that it is worth the extra cost... I know others might disagree, but there is a small space between the 1s and 5s for the 3s to fill and I just don't have anything that ever seems to fit that need.

Also , surrounds don't truly add a *Lot* to the viewing experienced (apologies if I offended any 5.1 affecitionados - I do prefer 5.1, but honestly it is an environmental, incremental add... that is what it is supposed to be.) so the 1's are excellent for this and the 5s are expensive overkill. Set to "full" for music and the space will sound awesome....