Adding Sonos to Yamaha RX-V475 tuner amp system

  • 1 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I'd like to add a Play 1 to my existing home theater system that I have a TV, CD player and 2 video disc players connected to. I'd like to play audio from all devices through the Play 1 and I assume I need a Connect to do so Is that correct? Assuming I do, an issue is: all of my RCA speaker outputs of my RX-V475 are taken by the surround sound speakers. I do have open AV OUT RCA jacks but if I hook the Connect to those jacks, will it transmit any component audio signal playing through the amp to the Play 1? What jacks on the amp should can I run the Connect output to?
Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

If there are jacks marked A/V Out on the receiver you should be able to use those to feed the RCA inputs on the Sonos Connect. The manual for the RX-V475 should provide further details on this.
So if I use the RCA jacks from the Connect for say, AV1, if I set the output on the RX-V475 to AV1, I won't be able to listen to the CD player (AV2) on the Play 1. Correct?
BTW, if you've ever tried to read a tuner amp manual, you must realize that it is absolutely NO help.
The A/V OUT jacks on the receiver should send out whatever source you have selected. Connecting those to the inputs on the Sonos Connect allow that signal to get forwarded by Sonos to any or all of your Sonos speakers.You would only hook up individual inputs like AV1 or AV2 to the Sonos Connect if you are trying to play a Sonos playlist or streaming program through the receiver speakers. (in other words going the other way). For that you would use another cable from the Sonos Connect RCA output to whatever spare input you have on the receiver.