5s or 1s as rears with Sonos ARC

  • 29 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Away to take the plunge with arc and sub for tv but enjoy stereo music also so was thinking of fives for rear & stereo use, is this possible or is arc good enough with ones for music and rears also without fives what’s best way to connect turntable


3 replies

Fives are generally considered overkill as surround speakers. Additionally, the line in on any speaker set up as a surround is turned off. I’d recommend Ones as surrounds, and at least one Five to serve as your line in, as well as an extra speaker. 

Thank you for that how would I integrate a single 5 into the room with arc sub & ones as rears can 2 be introduced as left & right fronts I thought the arc acted as these, alternatively is it a lot of bother to just remove arc from room setup on app when playing music ?

You’d just set up the Five as another ‘room’ in the Sonos system, and group them as you desire. 

Yes, it’s a lot of bother to bond and unbond surround speakers. Not hard, mind you, but after two or three times, it becomes a pain. Plus, when you do so, you lose any TruePlay you may have done to the room.

If you read the FAQ on the line in, you’ll see that you get the option on where to play the signal, so it could easily be sent to the Arc’s room, instead of the Five’s room.