2 X SONOS 5 or 2 X SONOS + SUB (GEN 3)

  • 1 November 2021
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Hi All, I am new to Sonos having stripped an old wired multiroom system out of the house. I just purchased a bundle 1 x ARC, 2  x Sonos 5, 1 x Sub with the intention of using the Arc and Sub for the TV room (possibly adding 2 X Sonos 1 for 5.1) and using the 2 X 5’s is a large living room solely for music.

I haven’t set anything up yet as the hose is being decorated but I am wondering after some further reading if the better option for the music in the living room would be 2 X 1’s + Sub rather than 2 X 5. Both the 5’s or 1’s would be on speaker stands about 10 ft apart. From an aesthetic view I think the 2 X 1’s would be better but I am a low level audiophile and soundstage/quality will be the more significant factor.

I have spoken to the supplier and as all boxed I can switch out the 2 5’s for 2 1’s + Sub for a very small additional cost.

All thoughts and opinions welcome, thanks!

1 reply

I think you’ll be happy with either the pair of Fives or  pair of Ones + sub as both are good options.  What is size of the room?  I think I would go with the Ones for a smaller room, maybe around 10x10 ft, but as you are approaching 20x20, I’d lean more towards the Fives. Maybe considering adding a sub to the Fives later on.  Just my opinion.  Again though, both are good options.