2 Play 1s (stereo pair) - What next? 2 more play 1s, sub, play 5?

  • 22 February 2017
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I have 2 plays 1s in my kitchen diner (25-30 ft x 12 ft approx), I was surprised for the size at how good they sound and am very happy with them.

I am looking to add to the same room (sightly rushed by the price rise tomorrow!) and am considering the following options:

1 - A sub. Expensive and a one trick pony to an extent. I do though have a couple of good spots where I could put it.
2 - A play 5. Cheaper than the sub and offers some flexibility but I do not think I could place it centrally between the 2 1s without compromising where the 1s go. I could place it up the other end of the room from the play 1s (which is generally the end that I sit) but I fear the 5 would over power the 1s?
3 - 2 more play 1s for a 2nd stereo pair. Obviously the cheapest option and I could effectively place them so that each of the 4 would be pretty much in a corner.

Thoughts appreciated.

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17 replies

I would go for a sub right now. It will fill your house with sound. The play 5 will blow away your play1's. you can hide the sub anywwhere you want.
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It depends on what you miss today - and assuming you don't want to add music to any other room. And that you generally sit at the end the 1 pair is placed today, because that wasn't completely clear to me from your post.

If you like music with a lot of bass content and hear less of it than you would like - Sub. Ideally placed between the 1 units, bit does not need to be at the exact centre. The Sub also adds richness to music at low volumes which can sound thin at times.

If you want to fill the room with music without having it go too loud close to the 1 pair, add another 1 unit at the other end of the room. I don't think a pair is needed there for this purpose.
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I actually currently sit at the opposite end to the play 1s and could not place a sub anywhere near them it would have to be up the opposite end. I could of course move the 1s.

I ended up ordering 2 more 1s from Amazon late last night before the price went up, Amazon have a good returns policy so I can always send one back. Wanted a 5 tbh but just do not think I have a good spot for it that would not over power the 1s. Could put it on the window ledge right in the middle of the 1s but that's kind of advertising it to the outside world!

I'll try and post a room plan later.

Thanks again
I doubt you will send it back; one can always find a use for an extra play 1 unit!
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1 and 2 is whre the 2 Play 1s currently are, 3 and 4 where I am planning on putting the new ones. 3 will be tucked in a corner next to a TV on a cabinet, 4 will be on a breakfast bar butted against a built in fridge so will again be in a corner. Cannot put one bottom left as there is no plug socket there.

A sub could only go under either 3 or 4

Just curious; no music in the lounge?
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I have an lg surround sound system in the lounge so may add a connect at some point. I just think it is massively over priced for what it does.

Typically though I listen to music in the kitchen.
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I am actually thinking of sending one of the new play 1s back (not opened it yet) or use it in a another room unless I can trunk a power lead to bottom left of my diagram above.

My fear with position 4 is that 1,2 and 4 would all be directing sound the same way so 4 would potentially drown out 1 and 2 given where I sit as it would be much closer. I've just placed the 3rd one so just about to set that up...
Pull 3 out from where it is and put in on the other end as the 4, facing you as a stereo pair where you sit most of the time, if you sit facing the far wall. If you sit facing 3 today, then the other corner of where the 3 is today, at the bottom left, is the better place for the third speaker. A stereo pair on the far wall seems to be a waste.
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That's where I am thinking of putting it, running some trunking so I have power and putting it on the window ledge effectively opposite #3.
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All 4 set up (with 4 in the bottom corner) and I think getting the extra ones is a mistake.

Sitting at the end of the room that I do the 2 nearest to me stand out and kind of drown out 1 and 2.

May have to play around the fader between the 2 or maybe even consider a different position for them all, overall though, I do not think I am getting the full benefit of 4 speakers and maybe should have gone with another option like a 5 or sub. With Amazon's generous returns policy I always have the option to return them or just use them in another room.
I do not think I am getting the full benefit of 4 speakers and maybe should have gone with another option like a 5 or sub.
Adding more than a stereo pair to a room does nothing in the ideal listening position for the existing pair, and can even dilute the sound quality. What the addition can do is provide a more even coverage across a remote part of a larger room so that music can be heard every where without it being too loud anywhere - as it would be if just one speaker/speaker pair is set up at one end of a large room.

If you want better sound quality in the existing limited listening area as just now, then the Sub or a 5/5pair is the way to go. The latter depends on whether the existing set up is a 1/1pair.

I am repeating myself:)
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Play 1s on their way back to the good ship Amazon. Play 5 purchased.

The Play 5 is very very nice even if paying £70 more than last week did hurt a little!

Testing the best layout for it, currently have it like this (below) but considering that I may not even need the 1s or could move one of them to another room.

paying £70 more than last week did hurt a little!

Should you then not have it close to where you do your listening? At location 2, presuming you face that way. And keep a 1 unit in the far corner for when you want music across the space.
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There is not really enough room for the p5 at 1 or 2. I could put the P5 on the breakfast bar (4 on my older diagram)
What about placing it vertically? Best sound is obtained when you are facing the speaker although for listening to music in background it doesn't matter that much.