17 foot ceiling. beam or arc ?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hello all, 

 i have a living room with a 17 foot hight ceiling, I need a sound bar for my tv. 

I own a couple of play1 to possibly set up a surround. Im qorried that with the ARC (which is way over budget) the sound will be off due to my high ceiling. 

also, if i decide to get the beam, is the gen 2 worth it since i got high ceiling and i know its hard even for atmos ?


thank you

5 replies

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How large is your living room and TV?

Living room itself is around 13 x 16 but its an open space and its next to living room about same size with same ceiling height. 

My tv is 55 inches

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The Arc will give you a much wider soundstage since it is a much larger sound bar with more drivers. But since your ceiling is so tall, you won’t hear much audio from the two upward firing drivers when watching Dolby Atmos content. And since you mentioned that the Arc is over your budget, your best option is the Beam (Gen 2). Use your Play:1s as surrounds and save up for a Sub to add later to complete your 5.1 setup.

Thank you for that ! 

Is it worth the beam gen 2 ? Will the i get anything out of atmos