1200 square foot romm

  • 10 April 2019
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I have a 1200 square foot room with 18 foot high ceilings. Two of the walls are all windows. Floor is concrete. It’s a hair salon.
Wondering what the best speaker set up would be.
Have been considering 4 play one speakers located in each of the four corners of the room, roughly 8 foot up from the floor.

Would this be sufficient or should I go for a different configuration. I can’t have a subwoofer due to restrictions.


4 replies

I'd agree with the four Sonos Ones, in each corner. I'd set them up as individual rooms, and then group all the rooms together. I don't think a hair salon would benefit from an attempt at stereo, so each speaker being a mono speaker makes sense.

Make sure that you check on regulations for playing music in a business environment with your lawyers. At least here in the US, there's some restrictions around that.
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Just a thought, but given it's a hair salon, would it make sense to mount a speaker above the mirror for each station? Maybe a pair to cover the waiting area? Just think it's a little different than your typical large space since there are definitive listening areas.
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Hi thomo1718

Probably just a typo on Airgetlam's part (he is a bit long in the tooth ;)) however, using Play 1's (less expensive) as you said would be better choice than Sonos One's. They have the same relative acoustic quality.

The Alexa voice control mics (in Sonos One's) would probably be turned off to prevent accidental responses; or if not there would be a lot of possible Alexa interruptions :8. Heaven forbid you have a client named Alex or Alexa :P

The Play 1's are the most economical choice but you might consider 4 Sonance Architectural in-ceiling speakers that could be powered by single Sonos Amp. See them here:

Yup, I'm old. :)

True enough that PLAY:1s might be better. Although I'd wonder about putting one over every station. That'd be a lot of power wires hanging down next to the mirrors. If you were to have an electrician come in and do high mounted power for each, that'd be one thing. I did that in my old kitchen, and it worked well...but it wasn't cheap for the labor.