Wrong Computer Name

  • 13 April 2022
  • 1 reply

I renamed the computer and Sonos would say it couldn’t find the old computer name.   It wasn’t recognising or seeing the new name. I reinstalled etc.  Then realised that there were a few issues.  Firstly there were different queues for different speaker systems, these had been populated prior to the name change.  I ungrouped the system and cleared each queue.  Additionally, the queue that was in the main play area had been populated prior to the computer name change.  I cleared all queues, updated the music library and voila!

1 reply

A further option is to use the computers IP address instead of its netbios name in the Sonos library path and reserve that address in the routers DHCP reservation table.

That’s a way to quickly & easily allow you to change either the computer name, or even the computer itself, in some instances, without having to clear queues, or recreate saved local favourites/playlists etc.