Why does my sonos system turn itself on, playing a random song!?

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As I recall, there was once an IFTTT issue, and also Bluetooth receiver issue causing an auto play when the sending device got in range, kind of like when your car starts up, it auto plays your phone’s content. But as controlav says, to this point, it hasn’t been an issue in Sonos’ software. Always external. 

This happened to me last night for the 2nd or third time. My wife and I were both asleep and no one else was on the WiFi (confirmed via my eero router app). No timers were set. One of three speakers randomly turned on and was playing a random song from Spotify that I haven’t listened to in ~5 years.


I submitted diagnostics this morning: 1215834492


Any suggestions?

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My money is on Spotify Direct, CR200 or cats.

@controlav only ever connected my Spotify and both of us who use it were asleep; don’t have a CR200 or a cat...

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Well then Iwould recommend you unlink Spotify Connect, there is a security exploit apparently that uses it.See this thread: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Other-Partners-Web-Player-etc/Delete-or-quot-unlink-quot-devices-on-spotify-connect/m-p/1722285#M33126

If Spotify keeps triggering playback from one of your devices that was connected, the best way to disconnect is to just play something else. All Sonos systems have Internet Radio on them, just play 2 seconds of any station. It'll disconnect the active Spotify Direct Control session, and you won't have to worry about someone else starting up a stream.

I’ve had this problem for YEARS. After I listen to spotify i close the spotify app (on laptop or phone) and turn on the TV for a few seconds ,which breaks the spell.  (I’ve used the Radio trick successfully, too! 👍🏻)


I've just submitted 143 628 7262.. my Sonos play1 just played around 30 seconds of music. The source of the music was my NAS (configured as music library.

The album had been played 2 days (via app on phone) before, it had got to the end and stopped.

None of the phones configured to this house were in use.


BTW, this is not a one off. It happens every few days. I've submitted multiple diagnostics.

Could something be interfering with the Move, I was grinding coffee at the time and the coffee grinder is sat right next to the Move, the Sonos started to play and the lights on top of the move were flashing white and red (i think). I have submitted a Diag report so hopefully got it in time