Weird DTS experience

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi Tried DTS today…  PS3 to Sony receiver (Earc pass through) to my Vizio Tv…  This setup works perfect with Atmos, but with a dvd Eagles in Australia, DTS 5.1 is shown and works.  When I do the same thing with a blu ray, no sound when switching to DTS on the Blu rays menu… Just like before the DTS update.   Anyone got any similar experiences or ideas?  Let me know.

4 replies

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I am not certain, but I believe the regular PS3 (as opposed to the PS3 Slim) can only decode a DTS-HD Master Audio track as LPCM. On the PS3, go to Settings > Video Settings > BD/DVD Audio Output Format (HDMI) and set it to Linear PCM. Since your TV is equipped with eARC, this should allow you to play DTS-HD Master Audio Blu-ray discs as lossless multichannel PCM through the Arc which should be higher quality audio than DTS Digital Surround.

My Tv only has arc connection, So I think that rules out DTS Master.  But like I said I get DTS 5.1 With Dvd’s , So I will try your suggestion…  Thanks :) 

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An eARC connection is also required for multichannel PCM or Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Atmos. Are you able to get Dolby Atmos from Blu-ray discs?

Thanks, I confirmed with the Sonos techs, that PS3 does not do Dolby Digital Atmos or Dts in any form at this time.  Since I do mostly streaming I can wait and see what the future brings.  Also, I just have the arc bar, and am completely underwhelmed by Atmos anyway!  Oh, and I am playing my Hamer guitar, and my PRS Se as we speak!